St Mary of the Crays

Old Road, Crayford, Kent, DA1 4DN

Bene Merenti Medal

David Goodhind and Bishop Henderson holding the Bene Merenti Certificate

On Saturday 2nd October 2004 Bishop Charles Henderson conferred the Bene Merenti Medal to David Goodhind at the 6.30pm Mass. The picture to the right shows David and the Bishop holding the certificate immediately after the presentation. Here is the text of the proclamation read by Bishop Henderson before the presentation.


For outstanding and faithful service to the Church: -

Bishop and David in the hall afterwards

For such sustained and outstanding service to the Church, over so many years, Our Holy Father Pope John Paul II has awarded the medal "Bene Merenti" to David Goodhind.

I am sure David would wish me to say that all his excellent contribution would not have been possible without the help and support of his dear wife Mary, and many others. Gratitude to them all.

The picture to the left was taken during the reception in the hall afterwards.

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