St Mary of the Crays

Old Road, Crayford, Kent, DA1 4DN

Father Anthony Christopher Lawson

Fr. Tony provided holiday cover for both Fr. Christopher Pritchard and Fr. Peter Madden from his home in Erith.  Although still attached to Brentwood, he worked as a 'freelance' priest helping out in many of the local parishes.  The following obituary appeared in the newsletter shortly after his death.

I first knew Father Tony in 1966 when I went to St John's Seminary, Wonersh to begin my studies for the Priesthood. He came across as a self-disciplined person but showed great talent in growing dahlias. He was ordained for the Diocese of Brentwood on July 6th 1968, after which I lost contact. To my surprise, and gratitude in finding a Priest to cover my holidays, I renewed acquaintance on my appointment to Crayford. I told him to come and concelebrate at any time to which he seemed to respond. Each time I have been away, and the occasional 'emergency' Fr Tony has been conscientious and faithful to the task, keeping you up to date on his family that he loved so much. I often wished (selfishly) he would use his expertise as a craftsperson & gardener but he chose to 'not get involved'. His illness and rapid deterioration has been a shock to us all. I'm glad he returned to the Priesthood after a long absence: may he rest in peace.

Fr Peter Madden, April 26th 2003

Times of Services

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6.30pm (Sat)
8.30am, 10.30am

Holy Day Mass:

9.15am, 7.00pm

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Monday 7.00pm
Tue - Fri 9.15am

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday 5.30-6.15pm

Novena Service

Wednesday after Mass


Monday from 6.30pm
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