From the Catholic Directory


“A chapel has been lately erected here, for the accommodation of the catholics residing at Bexley, Dartford, Erith and the Crays. It is hoped that the chapel will be opened in the Spring. At present divine service is performed at the house in which the pastor resides. The hours of service are, on Sunday 11 o’clock a.m. and half past 6 p.m. On other days the service is at 8 a.m.

The congregation at present being small in number, and possessing means inequal to their zeal, peculiarly assistance towards finishing the new chapel, will be gladly and thankfully received by the Pastor, the Rev. Augustus Applegarth.”


“Crayford: St. Mary’s of the Crays. Rev. Augustus Applegarth. Mass on Sunday at 8 and 11 a.m.; Evening Service at half past six. Mass on holidays at 8. The Chapel of St. Mary’s was opened in the month of May 1842, and is exactly thirteen miles from London, on the Dover High Road. Owing to unexpected circumstances, of a peculiarly distressing nature, there is a considerable debt which remains unchanged; and to assist in its liquidation, the catholic public are now respectfully called upon by the Rev. A. Applegarth, as the scattered members of his congregation are at present unable to supply even the indispensable necessaries of their pastor.

The neighbourhood is famed for the beauty of its scenery, and the salubrity of its air, and those catholic families who might wish to reside in this part of the country, may meet with very desirable residences at a short distance from the chapel. Contributions will be gratefully received by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Griffiths; by the pastors of the Church of Our Lady, St. John’s Wood, by the Rev. William Hunt, Spanish Place, or by the Pastor the Rev. A. Applegarth.”


“The pastor of this poor little known school but widely scattered congregation, earnestly solicits the assistance of the Charitable Catholic public, and especially of the friends of education, in erecting a school house, which may also serve as a mission-house. A liberal contribution of the Catholic School Committee has been obtained, and the assistance of the government council on education has been promised. A most healthy, and in every respect eligible piece of land, on which the chapel stands, already belongs to the mission; but with all these advantages, the great poverty of the congregation precludes all hope of ever attaining, by its own unassisted efforts, the goal to which its wishes tend, a suitable and decent accommodation for its pastor and its children. Any subscriptions or donation will be thankfully received by Bishop Wiseman, who has expressly sanctioned both the appeal and its object. Also by the Rev. James O’Neal of Our Lady’s Church, St. John’s Wood, and the Rev. John Rolfe of St. Mary’s Mooreflelds, by the Revv. William Hunt and Edward Hearn, of the Spanish and Bavarian Chapels; by the pastor the Rev. Augustus Applegarth, Crayford, Kent.”