Our Church is OPEN for Private Prayer

St Mary’s Church is OPEN for Personal and Private Prayer, and Visits to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle, between 8.00am and 10.30am every day except Sunday (8.00-9.30am) and Tuesday (8.00-9.00am).

Fr David will celebrate Holy Mass without a congregation shortly after private prayer finishes at 10.30am.  On Sunday the Mass will be broadcast via zoom for parishioners to join in.  On Tuesday it is broadcast via zoom to St Joseph’s school.  Please see the weekly newsletter for details on how to get the zoom access codes.

Parish Social Room Re-opens

No sooner was this posted then the government changed the rules.  Re-opening postponed for now.

The Community Club will be re-opening on Friday 6th November.  Times are amended to Friday and Saturday 19:30-22:00, Sunday opening remains as 12:00-16:00.  Members must read and follow all social guidelines. Entrance to the club is through the brown glass door near the lift.  Please do not use the main church doors as they are exit only.

Folk Group Returns

The folk group will join us again at 10.30 Mass on 27th September.  The current rules prohibit congregational singing, but musicians and singers are allowed to provide music from behind a plastic screen.  No hymn sheets will be provided because we must not encourage singing in the congregation, but you are welcome to join in silently in your heads.

Revised Capacity

We have made some changes to the seating in the church, while still adhering to government guidelines.  We can now accomodate up to 44 groups.  A group can be one person, or a couple/family from the same household.  Some positions can only take two people.  Please follow the direction of the stewards, especially when it comes to receiving holy communion.

Face Coverings Now Mandatory

In line with government instructions, face coverings must be worn inside our Church.

One loop should be removed just before receiving Holy Communion, and put back after consuming the host.  The reader should completely remove their covering while reading.  The priest will wear a covering whilst distributing Communion, but not during the rest of the service as he is sufficiently distanced from everyone else.